Friday, 18 October 2013

Are you a victim or a victor?

It never ceases to amaze me how much the quality of my life depends upon the attitude that I approach it with.  I remember many circumstances in my life where things changed dramatically, not because circumstances changed, but because I decided to change my outlook on things.  What was not possible suddenly becomes possible. 

Allow me an example from my youth.  I have never been fond of endurance events.  Ask me to lift weights and I'm a happy camper, but running a long distance race is about as appealing as sticking my hand into a fish tank full of hungry piranhas.  When I was 17, I was being teased by a classmate who claimed to be more athletic than me the day of a long distance race that we had at our high school.  He was a big lanky guy at about 6' 5".  I was by contrast 5' 10' (and that's stretching it just a wee bit!).  And he was a very good long distance runner whereas I was far less talented.  But I was NOT going to let him beat me that day.  Even if it killed me.  So I pushed through the pain and ran the best (and really only good) long distance run of my life.  I just about passed out at the finish, but I did it!  I beat Brad! 

Prior to that event, my attitude about my abilities to do long distance running was poor.  But something changed that day which motivated to be victorious.  And in that moment I realised that my lack of success at endurance events was more of a choice than I had first believed.  I had chosen the attitude of a "victim" and adopted whatever excuses I could find not to be competitive than the attitude of a "victor". 

Romans 8:37 says, "In all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us."  The context?  Trials and tribulations of life.  In this life we are limited by our physical bodies (and I am and never will be a great long distance runner!) and/or circumstances in life.  Not everyone will be healthy or wealthy either.  But spiritually speaking, we are given the hope of being "victors" in this life.  We aren't defined by our past experiences or our present limitations, we are supposed to be defined "through Jesus" who loved us and died for us.  Knowing who I am in Christ is the well spring of positivity and abounding joy.  

Too many people go through life as "victims" of past hurts or trauma.  They never find the victory over their pain and sin through a healing saving relationship with the Son of God.  Jesus wants to take your burden, your past, and your hurts and fears.  He wants to give you real lasting hope and joy.  He wants to change your outlook from being victimized to being victorious.  The question is: "will you let Him change you?  Will you let Him into your centre being and control you?"  If you will, all the hope of heaven and peace of God will overflow into your attitudes and actions.  Just let Him in.  Live as a victor, not a victim.


  1. Well said Glenn. Even as Christians, we tend to forget we have a choice in how deal with things. We can either turn to God or try to do it on our own. Sometimes we don't have the strength to change our attitude all by ourselves, but He is there to help us if we just ask Him to.

  2. I don't know why I never saw this blog before, Glenn. I also don't remember that event in your life when you were 17. But a fighter you are! I'm proud of you and Charis for the choices you made in life against some pretty formidable odds.
    Love Mom